Monday, April 28, 2014

I Wonder If HE Was Watching

Feeling a bit embarrassed right now.
 you might ask
Well, Mike and I went to church at 5:30.this Sunday.
When it came time for communion, they needed additional Eucharistic Ministers so we both  stepped up to help.
 After distributing the Host, It is returned to the priest at the Alter.
 In bringing the Host back  you have to walk up 4 steps.
When I reached the top step, my  shoe stuck on the carpeting and I almost fell into the very surprised Priest.
He looked at me and we both laughed.  He told me he's had that happen to him.
So I didn't fall and I didn't spill the Host but I did scare some of the people who saw it.
Sorry for that.
I wonder if God laughed with me?
I hope so!

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