Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Do Sellers and Buyers Want To Know?

How do we put this together and how much will it cost?
We have those answers -
Buyers and Sellers are surprised that we take the time to answer those questions about closing their real estate transaction.
It's no problem or inconvenience  - you are our customers and taking care of you  is what we do.
Take a look and call.
We always have time for YOU!
I promise!

Saturday, January 31, 2015


I was sitting here watching the 11pm news about how many senior citizens homes are being invaded and robbed, beaten,and even murdered. Everyone is being cautioned about strangers who come a knocking and "ding dong" my doorbell rang. It scared the heck out of me! I turned on all of the porch lights and a young man I didn't know was standing at my door. He said he swerved to avoid hitting a deer and his car was stuck by my driveway. Through two doors, I told him I wasn't opening the door, but I would call the police - I did and they came. It is very cold but I told him to wait by his car. I felt bad leaving him in the cold but..... you never know these days. sure miss the good old days.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Listed Homes for sale inventory is LOW in our area
Buyers finding them on internet 
Seller's are Utilizing the web opportunities
Researching asking price and asking  to the market value
Seek education on paper work
Not afraid to negotiate
Selling to their renter
Family to family sales
Co-brokering with real estate agents.
Staging  homes
Rely on Gateway Title for education on closing costs estimates and procedures.
What else comes to your mind.......?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Real Estate Actuality: I Wonder If HE Was Watching

Real Estate Actuality: I Wonder If HE Was Watching: Feeling a bit embarrassed right now. "Why?"  you might ask Well, Mike and I went to church at 5:30.this Sunday. When it came t...

I Wonder If HE Was Watching

Feeling a bit embarrassed right now.
 you might ask
Well, Mike and I went to church at 5:30.this Sunday.
When it came time for communion, they needed additional Eucharistic Ministers so we both  stepped up to help.
 After distributing the Host, It is returned to the priest at the Alter.
 In bringing the Host back  you have to walk up 4 steps.
When I reached the top step, my  shoe stuck on the carpeting and I almost fell into the very surprised Priest.
He looked at me and we both laughed.  He told me he's had that happen to him.
So I didn't fall and I didn't spill the Host but I did scare some of the people who saw it.
Sorry for that.
I wonder if God laughed with me?
I hope so!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

House Sales Are Popping UP All Over!

Home sales are popping up all over, everyday .
YES they are!
Are a lot of FSBOs (for sale by owner) are succeeding at a speed I haven't
seen in ages and I do mean AGES.
   One of the most amazing things I'm witnessing is the large  number of sellers
that were  unsuccessful last summer and fall that now have success.
They put their property back on recently and have a buyer now!
Many of them tell me all they did was put out the "For Sale' sign and
the buyer came a knocking!
A common thread..... they priced their property to the market!
Buyers have also done their homework and know market values.
A Wise seller and a Wise pre- approved buyer = SOLD!
 I do see that Many are being sold by buyer's agents.  WHY?
In my opinion, it's the Shortage of listed inventory so they are seeking out 
the For Sale By Owners to show their buyers.
  Some sellers freak out if an agent brings a buyer. 
It's Not necessary to freak out -  if the offer is acceptable, ACCEPT IT!
 Just remember you do not have to use the agent owned title company. 
It is up to buyer and seller to agree on the title company to insure and 
close their transaction.
Things are getting wonderfully busy - so get busy, get your Gateway Title Free Seller's Kit, 
"for sale"sign,
price it right and Get that Property SOLD!
 and call me at GATEWAY TITLE    
440 546 9660
or email
Take Care!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


What is the one thing you could do 
to make a difference in people's lives? 
It probably won't be about money or gaining something personally.
 It will most likely be about giving,
and helping others do better.
What Could You Do?