Thursday, February 11, 2010


Title Company Tells All
What the buyers and Sellers Don’t Know
Did you know:
That HUD has done RESPA Reform so that you can understand settlement documents more clearly?
That most consumers won’t realize papers have changed?
The lending and title industries have spent tons of money on software changes and training to learn the “new” HUD?
That in spite of all the training, confusion abounds?
That this change was brought about years ago by a former head of HUD agency because he refinanced and didn’t understand the papers?
That there may be delays in real estate closings because of a problem complying with each lender’s interpretation of new requirements?
That most companies involved in real estate closings secretly wish this would just go away?
That it seems as clear as mud?
We know:
This is not going away so we are doing everything to make your real estate closing a smooth closing and you’ll never have to know!

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